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sinyst noldori
32 minutes ago at 6:24 AM

12/18 pics of the unlucky tux
outcastfromgallifrey troubled-vegan
50 minutes ago at 6:06 AM
dust-and-air toxicc-chanel
1 hour ago at 5:49 AM
bungalowclassic studbutt
1 hour ago at 5:31 AM
mleting plsblowme
1 hour ago at 5:14 AM
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arrests ratchethispanic
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hotsouls ratchethispanic
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simplyb-liss toxicc-chanel
3 hours ago at 3:46 AM
eiknarf ratchethispanic
3 hours ago at 3:29 AM

i wonder if im one of those guys girls text their friends bout like “omg there’s this really hot boy on the bus”
3 hours ago at 3:12 AM
arrachecoeur studbutt
4 hours ago at 2:54 AM
hoolignx plsblowme
4 hours ago at 2:37 AM
visualcocaine studbutt

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